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About Us

Founded by Maxwell Finn, TikTok Insiders is the go-to for marketers around the world who are seeing TikTok ads become their most profitable ad channel.

As an Insider, you get everything you need to go from launch to scaling while staying up-to-date on the latest tactics throughout the year - all in one value-packed, cutting-edge program.

Our program features such as:

- How-To Video Lessons
- Insiders Community Access
- Live Quarterly Group Coaching

- Insider Events

Are designed to teach TikTok Insider members exactly how to:

  • Rapidly scale winning ads without the CPA skyrocketing.
  • Troubleshoot common issues like new ads not spending.
  • Create custom audiences and set up your first retargeting campaign.
  • Set the optimal daily budgets out of the gate based on your KPIs.
  • Find the most viral TikToks that your target customer already loves (and use them to make insanely high converting ads).
  • Know which trends, sounds, and effects to use in your creative right now for maximum performance.
  • Track all of your creative and competitor research using our custom-built Google Sheet template.
  • Know which trends, sounds, and effects to use in your creative right now for maximum performance.
  • Set up your first campaign on day 1.
  • Navigate the frequent ad rejections killing your momentum.
  • Determine how long to run an ad or ad group before killing it.
  • Create insightful reporting dashboards using our custom-built Data Studios template.
  • Create ads that feel incredibly native even if you have no creative team or video editing experience.
  • Stay on top of the newest algorithm and ad platform developments so you are always ahead of the competition.
  • Make TikTok ads the biggest, most profitable ad channel for your business so your future is no longer in the hands of Facebook.
  • Add TikTok ads as a new service for your agency to dramatically increase your revenue almost overnight.

    ...and so much more!